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Setup Suggestions

Hey Everyone,

I'm looking to upgrade from my currently very very austere setup my dad baught for me when I 10 or so (i'm 19 now) and I was thinking in the area of 5-7 weight I do quite a bit of trout fishing in the spring (paulinskill and every now and then the pequest and the flatbrook) if your not familiar with these they usualy have over hanging brush and branches and usualy aren't more than 20-50 feet across. In the summer I like to take my rod out to my neighbors pond and catch bluegills and large mouth where casting as far as I can is always good (its about 1.5 to 2 acres large) and in the middle of a forest so theres decent need for roll casts and the occasional spot i can manage casting normaly. I'd like to know what you guys would suggest as far as a rod and reel setup that or at least brands to look into for these. I am also planning on taking a trip to alaska one summer between college semester so it would be nice if everything could handle what I would encounter in the streams and smaller rivers up there.

As a kind of aside my College is right on the Jersey shore (i.e. beach for those not familiar with the Jersey vernacular) and if the setup could also handle some of the small blues and small stripers there it would be pretty cool however unnesaccary since I've always used my surf rod at the beach so if i could have feed back, if you guys would know whether or not the setup could handle some of that.

the sage reels and rods seem very nice but I realy don't know enough about any of it to make a good decision on what to use or buy. I would probably be buying two spools for the rod so i can use floating and sinking line and what brand of lines you guys would suggest.

Thanks for your time

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