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Thanks for your input MRobertson.
maintenance was an issue I have been pineing over.

I'm actually starting to consider a stich and glue boat over a framed boat one because I believe I can make it lighter and two because I think it will take a little less maintenance. I don't think it will be as much fun to build, but I hope it will hold up better. Maybe I can set up a place on the forum were I can show pictures of my progress. Although the wife said I have to build a shed first. lol

You are probably right about stocking shad fry to get good returns and I'm sure it is something that should be done systematically over many years for good results.To be honest Shad doesn't seem to be a prority for the Fish commision any more.
For some reason a lot of the gas has run out of the shad fishing scene here. We used to have a shad festival, and the shad contest would draw many many anglers but I think the festival is no more and the contest isn't well attended. I remember we used to even have a shad hot line you could call to see if the shad had made if past the wing dam down near New Hope. Their was I guy down their that had the last comercial license to net in the Delaware. He would supply all the local resturants with roe which was always on the menu from late April through may.
To be honest I 'm not sure what has happened I know I stopped fishing for them once I found the long rod. Most of our water is to deep to fish with a floating line and the season runs parralell to some of our streams local hatches.

I'm not sure were Callicoon is in relation to Easton but I'll look it up on the map. I fished mostly from Easton north. Me and Dad would put the canoe in the morning pack a lunch and make a trip out of it. Usually did more paddleing than fishing but dad loved to canoe still does at 79! Yeah, it was a lot of fun those shad were called poor man' s tarpon for a reason. I'm going to look into what is going on with the fisherie a little more and get back to you.
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