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In my opinion, it is going to take a lot more than ladders at the two dams at Easton to get the shad back in the Lehigh. I think that it is going to take a fair number of shad fry being put in the river, preferably at the mouth of (or possibly in) each of the currently clean, larger feeder streams (Mud Run and Hickory Run come readily to mind and I know there are others because I used to access the canyon above Jim Thorpe via them) as well as the river just below the dam, at White Have, Lehigh Tannery, Jim Thorpe, Lehighton, Palmerton, and Bowmanstown. I think a rather large number of shad fry in all these spots is needed to begin the re-eatablishing the run because hatchery raised anadromous fish have return rates of around 5% and of those returning, very few will probably successfully spawn and produce another generation in the wild.

I have many fond memories of shad fishing in the Delaware in the area around Callicoon.
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