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I've heard stories about the way it used to be before the Damn Dam :-)
They are trying to get it figured out with the flows and temps. I think the rafting industry is losing some of it's muscle and fishing interests are starting to be heard. To be honest maintanable flows and temps should benefit all. They are also setting up lime beds to try to get a handle on the mine drainage on some of the feeder streams.

Shad: two ladders were built about ten years ago both at the dams in easton. To my knowledge after much fan fair the runs have been very poor the only thing I've seen through the viewing windows have been lamprey eels. To be honest it's my understanding the shad runs on the Delaware as a whole have been way down. It's been quite a while since I spent a sunny april day fishing for shad but I hear the runs have been dwindleing. Some say they are netting them off shore for fertalizer others that the Stripped bass which are much more prevelent in the river are eating them up. I don't think it's a polution problem the rivers are probably as clean as they have been in quite a long while. My dad tells me stories of how he used to go swimming in the Lehigh in the 30's and come home with an oil slick around him. Although both rivers do suffer from run off from develpoment and sewage instead of industrial polution. On a whole considering how populated both these drainage systems are it's amazing they do so well.
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