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Glad to hear you got the 2-hander finished and that was able to be of some help to you with it.

Personally, I would have been much happier if the damn dam had never been built on the Lehigh because I remember how good the Lehigh was before the dam. I remember well the white water rafters arguing and getting their way for having the flows get ramped way up several times in summer back in the early 70's so they could do their thing in the Class IV rapids that result when flows are up in the willows, which they like.

It is good that the dam was raised so that cold water (instead of the tepid stuff that was released before it was raised) is released. This helps keep it the cold water trout river it was before the dam was built.

I have been told by my father and one of my brothers that PA is considering re-introducing shad to the Lehigh. I'd like to see that happen because there once was a very good shad run in it prior to the acid mine, zinc mining, and zinc smelting polution killed everything in the river below Jim Thorpe. Now that the polution has been cleaned up (and the zinc operations have closed up) the river has come back nicely and I think it is time to put the species back into it that were there before the polution killed them.
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