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Originally Posted by flytyer

I grew up 15 miles from Hazleton and fished the Upper Delaware, West Branch, and Lehigh in the gorge a lot before I left PA at age 25 back in 1978. A drift boat would be a great fishing craft on either the Delaware or the Lehigh. Although I spent a lot of time walking the old RR grade on the west side of the Lehigh between Lehigh Tannery and Jim Thorpe, it would have been a whole lot nicer to have a drift boat to access this area.

You will find the drift boat to be very nice to take through the many rapids (yes, even the class III's found in this stretch). Likewise, a drift boat on the Upper Delaware mainstem, west branch, or east branch would have made a lot more water available.
Hey Russ,
Good to hear from you again BTW I finished that spey rod I was working on this fall thanks for your advice. I didn't have much luck catching with it but had fun trying. Will give it a go again next season.
Yes I thought a D boat would be great in the upper Lehigh and Upper Delaware. I'm not much more than 40 minutes from Jim Thorpe. I think I mentioned the last time we spoke they are trying to make the Lehigh a year around trout fishery from the Damn down to Bowmanstown. They are haveing their difficulties, mid gates failed this spring, rafters worring about losing buisness,but they have raised the water levels allowed in the lake once and are trying to get another increase. It's a tough battle especially since water runoff is such a heated topic here in the northeast but, three hundred year floods in two years will do that to people.

Back to the boat, I think It would work out great and should be a fun project.

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