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RE:Two-handed rod program

To capture the duplicate thread's responses before I move the topic...

(1) timwatts wrote:

Juro I would like to try one out. I have been using a st croix 11 weight spey for a couple years now. It's a bit heavy and is not much fun with smaller fish, have been thinking about getting perhaps a nine weight.I do enjoy casting this type of rod and may actually take the time to learn to cast the traditional way with it this year. But it is so easy to haul back overhead and toss 90 feet of line that I never get around to practicing.



Hey TIM!

Great to see you made it. I have a 9wt 12.6' sage, european overhead - pretty close to the need but would still like a little shorter, little heavier more focused two-hander for the big surf. The three other Spey rods don't see too much salt, they are for steelies out west.

In any case, your experience makes your involvement all the more critical! Very glad to have your insights on the matter.

I am going to move the duplicate of this thread from the main forum to here. That will wipe out your initial reply as well as this one I'm writing now, but there was a pretty long string of replies on the other thread and we should have it represented in stripers and coastal gamefish.

Look for the changes later on today, you might post any further comments on the other one.

Sorry about the mix-up, in the future I will not duplicate threads

Look forward to your valuable insights in this forum. We will be meeting at Smitty's shop to build the rods over the next several weeks. You are welcome to attend all phases of this.

glad to have you in the forum,

(2) ronl wrote:

Juro- Sounds like a good idea especially for some one who is interested but scared off by the big price tag of these rods. Would there be some instruction for those who don't have a clue about casting the ultimate long wand? rel
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