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Thanks for the reply Eric. I did see the site for Ray's boats. And by the way your boat looks great in the picture.

I'm not too worried about the building as I am a carpenter I'm more concerned about picking the right design. Living in the east my drifting options are limited but I would hope someday I can take it west for a few trips with the family. I found a 17 footer kit offered by "Tatman Wooden Boats" which I think may be as good a comprimise as I can get. As I read and please correct me if I'm wrong a 16 footer would handle three people but not much gear and a 18 footer might be too much boat for just two or three on a day trip.

Another thing was protecting the bottom did you use that ULTRA HIGH MOLECULAR WEIGHT POLYETHYLENE as a skid plate?

Also did you use fir plywood or an exotic I can quite tell from th epicture weather your boat is painted.

And lastly maintenace, what is your yearly up keep with a boat such as this?

thanks again for all your help
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