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Originally Posted by juro
My rods are hardly ever without a reel on them. I may swap them, wash under the feet etc - but for the most part the reel is always on the rod so the reel goes first on the rod before assembly.
Same here. In fact, I rarely pull the line down through the guides at all. Once I string the line through the guides, it'll stay there for most of the season. I actually haven't pulled the line out of my trout rod since I still go fishing in the winter. Most of the time I just crank all the line onto the reel so the fly is in the tip guide, then pull the rod apart and put the two sections together.

As for aligning the ferrules, even if the rod has alignment dots, I put it most of the way together and then sight down the guides like a rifle. I then tighten it the rest of the way once it's aligned.

Originally Posted by Tin Pusher
Which ever way you go assemble your rod, including a fly, before going out in a boat. Sections of rods sink quickly if there is no line running throught the guides. This is huge if you are fishing out of a float tube or pontoon boat.
This is a good point. There's also the fact that trying to rig a rod while you're in a float tube is pretty hard. Putting the pieces of the rod together is easy. It's getting the line up through the guides that's tough, especially towards the top. You'll end up having to stick one end of the rod in the water while you try and get the line up throught there.
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