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Hi, Tight,

Yeah. I built a drift boat from a kit (Ray's River Dorys, it's on the web), and had a wonderful time doing it. I was working the Deschutes at the time and went for a really big boat to carry gear as well as people on multi-day trips (18 foot). A picture of the completed boat is the center of my avatar.

When I started the project, I had very limited woodworking skills, but was lucky enough to be friends with several people, including fellow Hooknoser John Quiggle, who had considerable experience, and they were able to help me through the rough spots.

The whole project took a bit longer than I thought, but it was with a tremendous sense of personal satisfaction that I lauched the boat in time for the early June salmon-fly fishing.

I'd be glad to answer any specific questions you might have either on this forum or through personal messages. Bottom line: I would cheerfully and confidently build another kit boat if it were the quality of the kit I received from Ray's River Dorys.


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