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RE:Two-handed rod program

Pete -

Thanks for your involvement. We would be building this beast down at the Rod Builder's Workshop with some of the best tools and the best hands... including yours. Aubert Smith, aka "Smitty" is one of the best around the east coast. He is located in Kingston MA just off the highway. He is also a Sage Pro, so if we go w/ Sage's Traditional Overhead blanks we can get it at pro price. This is not to say he won't work with whomever is involved, he will. He is just that type of guy.

Well, so far we have $40 in the can. Beats the heck out of nuthin! And we don't yet even know how much we'll need in the event other donations come thru. I know one thing - we need more than $40, but there's plenty of time at this point.

Let's discuss the program and post our plans as we go. So far, I have met with Smitty to open the topic. He graciously agreed to donate his expertise to the cause. We agreed that the first step was to acquire blanks which we will mock-up with cork tape and temp guides. We may have to cut certain blank, we may not. This decision will follow analysis of available options.

Once we are confident that a configuration is worthwhile, it will be wrapped formally and guide / seat selection will be made. It will be a professionally finished, aesthetically beautiful rod knowing Smitty and others like you who have built many rods.

One of the key points is that this is not a Spey rod. It is a specialized two-handed surf machine. I will probably fund the line research out of pocket unless we get enough support. I have a few lines that I know cast well in this fashion already.

In any case, we should probably post an operating plan for people to review, to feel comfortable about buying into.

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