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Flats Skiffs

I have fished from a wide range of skiffs over the years. In terms of shallow-water capability vs. sea-kindliness the boats that people call flats skiffs cover a pretty wide range. For several years I had, and loved, a tunnel hulled skiff (Pathfinder 17T) down in the 10,000 Islands. When conditions allow, I feel no other type of boat approaches them for pure fishing joy. I think a good anaology is motorcycle vs. car: when things are right, they are in a class way by themselves; mother nature can collect her dues at a moments notice; at times/places, they are not an option.

My impressions from your posts: you should have a flats skiff. Make sure it has trim tabs ( in a chop you can crank it over and make it pretend it has an entry); 12 V tolling motor is plenty for ajusting casting angle or re-positioning drift; fishing alone from a poling platform doesn't work out very often; get good foul-wx gear and put in oversize bilge pumps.
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