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Exciting stuff. There is certainly no lack of choices. Dan certainly laid it out that in the NE everything is a comprimise and you need to choose the boat that will do what you want most of the time. The latest FFSW has a pretty exhaustive list for a great starting point.

Personally I am looking to use my boat less this season during the summer. Last few seasons the boat was new and I spent a lot of great summer days searching the water when I could have been standing knee deep doing what intially attracted me to this sport. Not saying I am looking to stop boating as I love chasing tunoids, fishing structure and those great predawn runs that really clear the brain. But IMO NE sightfishing can be achieved pretty well on foot and choosing a flats boat that wouldn't do those other things well wouldn't be the choice for me. However, I like Fred would gladly offer up guniea pig status and would even offer to try some time on the platform. That may be the only way I ever pick up a fish before you do!


Curious to hear your thoughts on the trolling motors. I was very close to adding troll n' tabs to my boat this year but didn't like the bill that would have come with them. I have seen a few guys using bow mounts in CCB that appeared to be getting the job done. Poling my rig is not an option (20' Jones).


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