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Sit in or sit on top?

I'm not familiar with the Freedom nor Native yaks...
There's a Hobie Revolution and a Pungo hanging in cold storage waiting for the Big Thaw...
Your location identifier (atlantic ocean) is a little vague...
My Area Of Operation is primarily Cape Cod and I use my tupperwear boats to take me to isolated spots to wade/sight fish...I'll drown a fly enroute just because I can (trolling is fairly brainless but the phracas can be rewarding)...
I'd personally recommend any boat that YOU feel comfortable in...
A major manufacturer is sometimes an advantage...Price point and service...
Many dealers do Spring Paddle Demo Days...a try before you buy scheme that works...
DON'T buy before you try!!!
And...DON'T buy a cheap (heavy) paddle!!!

Sit Inside vs Sit On Top...I like 'em both...Troublesome shoulder issues have led me to the Hobie Revolution and their pedal drive system that absolutely ROCKS!
The ability to stealthfully explore a shallow area that's out of bounds to power boats and waders...and jump unspooked fish with a fly that works makes my day.
Welcome to the plastic navy!
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