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Cheap begginer setup

Hi I have never fly-fished in my life but I really want to try to start. I had thought about it for a while but I don't know of anyone who I could go out with because fly-fishing is not big around here. Recently my dad said something about it and I was happy as could be so now I think it's time to get started. My birthday is today so I've been getting plenty of money and I should have enough for a fly-fishing setup. I still want to go pretty cheap because 1)i need to be saving up money for college and 2)I dont want to make a huge investment and end up disliking the sport (not that i think that will happen). I am looking at $100-150 for the whole setup, so i know im not gonna be getting quality equipment, any opinions?

I plan on doing mostly trout fishing and probably some panfish. I might try to go for some small bass but not sure yet. I was thinking 8'6" 5 weight from what ive found on the internet so far. I havent looked into to many brands but I like the cabelas genesis outfit alot so thats on the top of my list so far. Everyone on this site is saying it's great so that is a big possibility. I would really appreciate everyone's input on what they believe is the right equipment for me, Thank You.
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