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Originally Posted by flytyer
The delicacy of presentation has more to do with one's casting skill, leader design, leader length, and whether using a weighted or unweighted fly than the line used, with the exception of the blunt front tapered bass and pike lines.
You bring up a good point there and I'm not going to disagree with you. It depends on the line taper. Personally, I tend to use WF tapers that have larger diameter tips than a comparable DT line. I also find that a DT line is easier to lay down gently on the water as opposed to a WF line. Maybe that's just my casting style, maybe not.

Originally Posted by flytyer
And if DT lines were best for distance, tournament casters would use them, which they don't. Tournament casters use WF5 floating lines for the trout distace portion of the competition, not DT5 lines simply because the WF allows them to cast further with the 9' 5wt rods required in trout distance.
Tournament casts also don't use full flex rods. I was making a statement about a particular rod, not in general. I'd be a moron if I didn't know that WF lines cast farther in general the DT lines. However, I know the casting characteristics of my normal trout rod, and it casts better with my DT line than my WF line. I get about 15' more distance on an average cast with the DT line.

As with many things in fly fishing, it comes down to personal preference. Just like each person should try different rod actions and lengths to find what they like, they should also try them with different line types to see what works best for them.
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