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Got a PM

I never come back here, but someone from WFF sent me a message I was asked about here.

I never got your email/message. Hmmmmm. May have to go look. I still have the same email. If by chance it went into my bulk, may have been deleted there. I get so many, I dump it usually.

Ok, onto boats. Size matters depending on length, diameter of tubes, and design. There is a substantial difference between a 9' and a 10' Steelheader. You'll float higher and maneuver easier with same load. Now, if you have cash to burn, a Sotar Coho fishing package is the ultimate way to go (but as I said, cash would be flowing heavily). JD, you are sorta correct on drawing a line. But once you start hitting up into the 11'+ range, you're into more of a two man boat (though that Sotar I was talking about is a 11'). The longer boats are DEFINITELY better if you're running more rocker hulled boats (Outcast, Bucks, etc). I've run outcasts, owned them pre skookum. They're ok, but not great. I think they're excellent lake boats, and very still river boats. But even for a river boat, I don't like them. I fish my boats, and they just don't "fish" well if you're on the move (a very rookie steelheader's mistake flyfishing is not using their boat to it's utmost potential).

Onto standing and fishing. You DO NOT need a leaning platform to fish them. Especially on a steelheader. This is another problem people don't realize, or they go with the hype of some other pontoon companies. A leaning platform is only needed on a rocker hull (which won't help, you'll still just fly over the front lol), or if it's a TWO MAN BOAT! PERIOD!!!! If you're fishing on the move standing up, you'll be very stable and fine casting. Unless you're a clutz and have no balance, then maybe you need one then. LOL. I've done every type of fishing from the standing platform of my original steelheader (I had one of the originals from a decade ago) and from my 10' Guide model I have now. Usually standing up as I'm fishing. Never had a problem fishing. Most of the people who need a brace of some sort usually are those who aren't in control of the boat (ie two man+ boats). If you don't know what the oar stroke is, or what the boat will be doing, you need something to keep you in check from the boat moving (like in a driftboat). In the front of a one man pontoon, you are the one controlling the boat. You can see the change in current coming ahead, you know when to move your knees to absorb any change in current. I've never fell off a standing platform in a one man boat in the last 10 years (and I use these more then most). Well, I correct that, I've never fell off when I wasn't trying to (I've went swimming off the front during the summer floating some of my favorite rivers).

If you have anymore questions, email me at Not sure why it didn't go through.
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