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Many years ago I considered a 10 wieght mandatory for salmon fishing. As the years went on, I started matching the rod with the river and not the fish. venture 02/03/07
I couldn't agree more, the tool should always match the job at hand.

Its my general understanding that longer rods of the same line class will have more flex in the upper portion/s of the blank?

Have a couple differant 10' sixes but considering another rod. Leaning towards a med fast 9'6" for an eight. Doubtfull i will make any june fishing... things are just to good locally during that time frame to give up. July or possible late fall, If the waters rippin an 11.5' DBL hand for the heavy work.

New to Salar.. but firmly HOOKED. appreciate the accumulated wisdom of this boards members.


Edit: Venture, consider trying several differant rods within the lengths that you prefer, one may far outshine the rest for you. good luck.

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