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Many years ago I considered a 10 wieght mandatory for salmon fishing. As the years went on, I started matching the rod with the river and not the fish. This led me to fish a five wieght on several of the branches of the Midfiordera in the early 80s. I did take a twenty pounder on it which did take some time, but otherwise, I dont recall having to much difficultly. I do recall how pleasurable it was to cast and swing a wet on a five wieght.

Since then, I fished a nine wieght on the Kharlofka which was too small a rod for that river......but I was able to handle any fish that took. It was the river that was tough on that small a rod.

My question to this board is "what length" of one handed rod do we prefer. I like the 10 footers over the nine footers for wet fly fishing as the extra length gives you more line control for mending. This past year I found that these 10 footers were quite slow on the strike when fishing dries, thus I think I missed a lot of fish. I have a #6 and #8, both 10 footers. Wonder if I should break down and get a 9 footer for both dries and wets. Looking for some input
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