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Biminis and surgeons

Hi everyone,
I'm new to the saltwater flyfishing game, and am off to mexico in a couple of days for my first ever bonefishing trip.
I'm trying to attach Gelspun backing to my flyline and have read on the forum that the standard way is loop to loop with a bimini with a double surgeons loop in the GSP.
Sorry if this is a bit of a stupid question but what is this supposed to look like? I can tie a bimini reasonably well, but where is the double surgeons loop supposed to go when I've tied the bimini?
Or am I missing the point? Is the objective to double up the line with the bimini and then double up again with the surgeon's knot? Or double up the line with a wouble surgeon's knot then tie a bimini in the doubled line?
Any help gratefully received.
(Especially if someone has a pic of the finished article so I know what I'm aiming for )
thanks, Nick
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