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RE:Bonito Logic

Looks like sippiwisett is out unless we want to really wing it and go with thier first come first served policy for anything less than a 5 day reservation.
Bayview is next on the list. The <!--http--><a href=" 2l5f7&SNVData=3mad3-h.fy%28w2a1wr_%29z7s5wt%3bah7-%3d0z2%2bEVY%12NMPFN%2bONT%15_%13B%10%18WD%28H%12% 3a7ldaa.lrb0%3dGG_qutlqw%28.068gqz%28l%241w-u" target="_blank">Location </a><!--url--> is maybe not the best but at least it's over the bridge. They do have the safari (group sites) available the weekend of August 18-20, this is basically a field with just a few trees. That's 2 nights $31/night 2 persons per site. So were talking $31/person for 2 nights (not a state park rate but they do have 3 inground pools and tennis courts, not thay they'll be getting any use from us.) Also available are the 20th-22nd and they have limited availablity the 25th-27th.
Go for the 5 day BoneClave marathon at sippy.
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