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I guess I would call it 4 "shots" at Tarpon.

1st one, smaller fish, maybe 30lbs, ran me hard for 30-40 seconds, then went against the bridge I was fishing by. 2nd chance came as I was coming of an anchor, fly broke the water and I heard a "THWOOOP" sound and saw him roll where my fly was, which was quickly followed by an "F" sound from my mouth. The 3rd one I could see under the street light, cast to him, he mouthed it and I freaked and set the hook too early and probably not hard enough. About 10min later he was back, waiting in the eddy off of a good rip going through the channel, I cast, and dropped the line right on his head and he was gone for good. Other than feeding them shrimp by the docks that was all I saw all week.

The Jack Crevalle kept things interesting the first few mornings I was there, all of my Tapon encounters came at night or darn close to it.

I had all of my flies tied on 34007's also.

I will be hiring a guide next time I am down there.
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