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Although there are quite a few possibilities, I believe most of them are using Owner Aki hooks. Other Owner hooks that might be used are the SSW and the Gorilla, but usually they aren't used to tie flies as much as they are used for hooks for tube flies. They are both actually bait hooks, but I use the SSW for my tube fly riggings for sailfish. I think you'll really like the Aki (although you probably won't like the $$$ involved.) It is designed to be a fly hook. Also, Gamakatsu is bringing out their SC17 tarpon hook in March of this year. I've already used it as a tube fly hook and it is superb.

I went 3 for 29 on tarpon my first several years. My percentages went up significantly when I switched from Mustad 34007 hooks to Owner and Gamakatsu when they became available. However, they are still nothing to brag about. Anything even close to 50% is outstanding and most guys would be happy with 20-25%. That's one reason they're such a rush.
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