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RE:Bonito Logic

One issue with the V-yard and boats is that there is a lack of places to put them if you want to sty with the group that night. Transient docking/mooring is at a premium during that time of the season. There are a few ramps available on-island but then you get into the whopping costs of transporting a boat/trailer/car rig (IF you can get a ferry reservation!!).
M-V Family campground is nice, I used it during the Rod & Gun Club tournament. They had no problem with a fisherman's odd hours. BTW I think the cabins sleep 4.
I think we are dealing with mutually conflicting concearns;
To find Bonito, we need to move the date up into Aug
To find campground space, we need to be after Labor Day
To find Bonito, boats would increase the chances
To deal with boats adds costs and exponential logistical issues

Maybe a solution is to set up two groups, shore anglers using M-V campground as an operations centre and boating anglers that use capeside access? We'd loose a lot of the communal sprit but....

Either that or we make it a one-day Bone-Slam!
Just my $ .02
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