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RE:What up with Boston Harbor?

... a curious tale.

I was fishing in Boston Harbor over the weekend and I had several occasions of a situation I have not seen often with larger fish. Fishing white clousers on an intermediate line from a boat I would see a good sized fish follow the fly in near the boat. The fish would swirl, moving the fly or the bait around in the top few inches of water and not strike or take the fly. Seconds later there would be another swirl a few feet away and, after casting and stripping again, frequently the fish would take. It appeared that the fish was playing with the fly or bait and this went on for the better part of an hour. It is difficult to believe the fish
was toying with the bait, but the feeding was not focused and there seemed to be more bait than I remember in previous years.

Could it be that the conditions of more bait than usual really exists? How could we determine that? Could cooler temperatures means feeding is not as intense yet, similar to early spring feeding conditions? Does anyone keep a journal for temperature comparisons? Usually things are pretty predictable from year to year once the facts come out, but maybe we have an odd year....

I wonder if a few degrees in temps make a big difference.
It certainly can with other species.


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