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RE:What up with Boston Harbor?

Jeff -

Great food for thought... to support your tale of big bass off Stellwagon, I've heard similar tales of big bass out there (for the time being). The other points you raise make a lot of sense too. I rarely have good luck in high turbidity but it's often due to my lack of confidence.

This is an interesting observation though, and if we were able to understand the actual migratory patterns of Boston Harbor fish in the context of this year's weather pattern it might provide a lot of insight toward future angling prediction.

I heard from a very reliable source that the fish continue to Maine when the tuna arrive on Stellwagon, with some tagged fish found around the Kennebec River system.

Is there any way we could obtain acutal information on the migration patterns of Boston Harbor fish? Is there such a set pattern - or do fish migrations experience ad hoc variation?

In salmon country out west, the ocean temperature gradients are very tightly coupled with open seas fish migration and behavior. These are closely tracked by biologists for fisheries management, seasons, quotas, etc.

It seems such information would be very interesting in striper country too.

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