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RE:What up with Boston Harbor?

another voice heard from
Some of the local highliners that I correspond with attributed this past weekend's on-again off-again fishing to a terrible tide. The June full having a bad history of fishing the week b4 and after. Personally I think the issues might be a bit more complex and would liek to digest jeffg's thoughts about the easterlies and their effect on turbidity. (very thoughtful there jeff!)
The issue that I find curious is that even with cloudy water conditions we should be marking significant concentrations of fish in predictable locations. With brief exceptions the sometimes massive schools that we were so used to over the past few years a nonexistant.
Could it be that there is too much bait and it's reduced the feeding urgency? (can a striper ever be too full?)
If it's the moon phase, then this week should show some major improvements. We'll be keeping you posted.
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