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RE:What up with Boston Harbor?

For what it's worth, here is my take on the Harbor:
It is definitely slower than this time last year (at least for me). The most noticeable reasons seem to be the lack of concentrated bait, colder water temps, and poor water quality/clarity, due to all those east winds and high tides bringing lots of silt and debris into the water.

Father's day last year my Dad and I got about two dozen fish in a couple hours--nothing huge but the fish were where you expected them to be.

During the one fly tourney, i got four fish in a little over four hours, all through blind casting in fishy looking areas. The water is so cloudy that I couldn't even see my fly until the leader hit my rod tip guide. It was also a pretty bad tide to be fishing.

The fish are there--I raised a lot offish that surged up and turned away as I pulled the fly out of the water, and one fish hit right at the boat. I think they are having a little trouble seeing the flies with the cloudy water, so bright colors, varied retrievs and repeat casts to the same area if you see fish are all going to increase chances.

I have seen very little concenrated bait, and I think they have been scattered by the winds and tides etc. Things will definitely pick up, and the bigger fish will be moving in off Stellwagon shortly to really make things exciting.

My buddy was tuna fishing on Saturday on Stellwagon and took a 45 lb. bass on a squid bar--believe it or not....

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