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Keep this in mind, too...if you are looking to book one of the better guides on the Skagit/Sauk for this March or April, you should have booked them about six months ago...those guys are probably booked up for those months a year in advance, with random single days available...

Get in line now for any cancellations that might come up, or to see if there are any random days left in any of their schedules.

If you are looking to learn the river and fish there a lot, then hiring a guide for a couple of days is the way to go...if you are looking just to be up there for a few days and get some fishing in with some reasonable expectations of success, there are lots of casting bars that are fairly easy to find, and easy to can do that without a guide if you can get a few of the locals on this forum to steer you in the right direction.

Good luck! I live up there the entire month of April, but you'll note from the designation under my moniker that I am the token gear guy on this forum, but I can help you out a little if you want to shoot me an e-mail...

Will you have a drift boat or pontoon boat to get you around, or will you be bankbound?

Fish on...

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