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Hey the Nez Perce are just going to get to excercise their "right" to fish with whatever means they deem necessary, just like the Washington state treaty fishing tribes. Afterall, tribes have always been great defenders of the resource and terrific conservationist; therefore, there is absolutely no reason to worry about this tribe overfishing. We must remember that none of the tribes have ever overfished any run or mixed run, including the Makah tribal fishermen taking of such a large number of mixed stock chinook last winter.

I mean, why should we be upset at the Nez Perce using gill nets in the Snake since we only want to play with our food. The tribe wouldn't overharvest or deplete wild stocks because that would be out of character for the PNW tribes history of never hurting a stock through overharvest.

Just think, now we won't have to worry about having too many fish in river. Therefore, this action by the Nez Perce will prevent the dreaded overuse of spawning habitat and the resultant decrease in the number of fish that make it to the ocean.
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