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Originally Posted by juro
interesting discussion

Although I can be anal retentive about some things in flyfishing, when it comes to leaders and tippets I am a simpleton.

I buy maxima leader spools in graduated #test from biggest to smallest, skipping a few down in the real light sizes (where they increment by the pound) and try to make reasonable step-downs based on the 60%/20%/20% rule.

I have never used the X system in my life, although I understand what it is et al - however if someone could explain the benefit of using it I will gladly adopt it.

Hi Juro,

I'm beginning to think I'm the only one using the X system!! I think it all started when I began fly fishing way too many years ago. I suppose the X system was referred to in articles I read and I felt I should be thoroughly familiar with it. I came to think more in terms of X rather than actual values (inches or mm) since I found it easier. As a retired scientist I should point out that dealing in thousandths of an inch is no problem either. To get the X value of a tippet take its diameter to the nearest thousandths of an inch, multiply that by 1000 and subtract that value from 11. For example, 0.011" would be 0X and 0.009" would be 2X. For me it just became simpler to live in the world of X. I should point out that had I known how little it is used by fly fishermen, I wouldn't have mentioned X at all since this was supposed to have been simply a discussion of how tippets as supplied by mfgrs. are oversized relative to the diameters (stated in inches or mm) shown on spool labels.
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