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Chris -

I assume you have the 'spey feather' that is burned and dyed goose with a very thick stem? If so have a lot of experience with it.

But first let me say that Charlie Dickson (steelhead/salmon fly moderator) uses Blue-eared pheasant for this purpose which you might like better. I've also stopped using the burnt goose spey feathers so much lately because BEP is so much better to work with.

In any case, you need to pick through the stock to find the ones with the smaller more flexible and/or split the stem with a razor before you use it as a hackle.

Once you have a good half-section, tie the tip in place so that the curve of the feather cups around the body of the fly. Wrap in the direction that retains the cup shape 1.5 turns and tie in.

I am not adverse to tying butt in first to get the reverse taper if that's what I am after.

If the stem is fat, ugly or somehow bad then wrap a little further down the hook shaft to pinch the barbs and cut the stem out once secured. I bought a pair of medical capillary scissors for this purpose, expensive but works perfectly for precision cutting.

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