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Scott, Steelhead still posts on
He is active as a moderator but does not post everyday.

I own a Skookum Osprey II 10' pontoon. I am 6'4" and weight just over 300 pounds. The Osprey 10 foot boat is awesome. It is stable, keeps you above the water and rows very well. I use in in northwest rivers, lakes and frequently fish Puget Sound from the boat. The saltwater fishing is typically in the estuaries for Pacific Salmon but I have had it near the fast moving rip at Bush Point. The boat performs well and is a pleasure to fish from. Bill Day is a quality guy who cares deeply about his products and customers. I can't give him higher praise.

From time to time a Skookum will be listed in the classifieds. I don't think that you would be dissappointed with these boats.

Best regards, Steve
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