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Another reason to .........

Having huge runs of planted steelheads in the Snake River and its tribs is great for all kinds of bussiness Guiding, Boat Building, Bait sales, Outfitting and lodging. General tourisim a real boon to the economy.
Oh sure there are those that say it may impact the wild stocks but hey this is for the economy we must have an economy after all our economy is riding on having one!
Apparently the Nez Perce are about to get there economy revved up too. The tribe is about to start issuing permits to allow gillnetting in the Snake and its tribs to help harvest the bounty of these plants after all it is essential to harvest up to 80% of the planted run.
Oh well there were getting to be too many wild fish around to justify the continued planting so this will probably be a big plus to the guys who like there hatchery fishes.
I hope they consider something besides gillnetts but I seriously doubt they will. What little Native rebound we have been having is about to run into another wall of monofilament to go along with all the concrete ones.
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