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Me too

Yeah common guys, I want to hear about flat pontoons stability vs. rocker toons manuverability. And those dual bladder questions also. I have also read steelheader 69's comments on the subject. Granted the Skookum boats are a higher quality than a Buck's Bag. How do the Outcast Pac XXXX boats rate?Anyone had that strapless model? And a Skookum 10' guide model is more boat than the 9' Steelheader, but so too is an 11' boat. So where do you draw the line?

Class III or IV water? Not! I don't intend risking swimming in waders. And I would hope that once I've assembled a toon, I would never have to dissassemble it. That includes the frame. Realizing that a one peice welded frame is much stronger than something that is held together with hair pin clips. But it would/could be advantagous to have the option of breaking it down for travel.
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