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RE:Wassup in Rhody lately?

I kayaked around Quonnie pond on Saturday and got into one decent schoolie (22") and lots of 10-15" fish. I stopped at Weekapaug on the drive home - nothing doing there.

My wife and I put our kayaks in at the Barn Island ramp in CT on Sunday morning and paddled over to Watch Hill for a cup of coffee, and then on to Napatree. I had the rods along but didn't really fish, except for when I floated over a group of mid 20" fish at the entrance to the little pond/cove on the bay side of Napatree. It was too windy for the fly rod, so I threw a jig at them for a few minutes with no success. I think the boats going over them spooked them in the shallow water. We had a picnic lunch on the ocean side of Napatree. I didn't see birds working anywhere. The water on the ocean side still seems a little cold.

The way back to Barn Island was pretty tough because the whole way was crosswise to the wind. The bay was full of whitecaps. My wife's boat doesn't have a rudder and she had a hard time keeping the boat straight. I now have orders to put a rudder on the boat as quickly as possible.
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