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Skookum Cats

So I think I've narrowed it down. I'm looking at Skookum boats (by Bill Day). The Dilemna is whether or not to get a 9 foot Steelheader or the 10 foot guide model. The 9 foot steelheader looks like a solid, sturdy boat. but the higher/bigger pontoons and the added safety of going to the 10 foot guide are a selling point. The 10 foot guide also has dual champers on each pontoon. But at the same time I'm told these pontoons are so well built with some of the heaviest duty material that some question whether or not you would even need dual chambers. So I guess I'd like to knwo is if it ever came down to it, could repairs be made en'route on the river if worse ever came to worse? The only selling point of the 9 footer in my mind is the fact you'll probably pick up a bit easier maneouverability, it's cheaper to buy, and it's easier to move/portage/carry, because it weighs less.
I noticed steelheader69 whom I've read several past threads from has recently sold his 9 foot steelheader in favour of the 10 footer.

The local rivers I would float on aren't super difficult. The Vedder/Chilliwack which does have a few class 3 & class 4 rapids (depends on flow), I'd like to do the Gold on Vancouver Island which can be abit technical in the canyon but from the No.1 Peppercorn bridge down to below Big Bend is supposedly not too difficult. I'd do the Squamish, and the odd tributary, and perhaps the Stamp. Perhaps a few Skeena tribs, who knows if I progress to maybe considering the Dean one day, we'll see. So there is a myriad of possibilities and I may look for excuses to use it.
My only other concern when floating is if my buddies will be undergunned. One of my main buddies who I could see going with has a 9 foot bronco extreme with single chamber pontoons. I'm told the Skookums, even the 9 foot steelheader when compared to an equivilent 9 foot pontoon boat with rocker style pontoons is much more stable. So I'd have to think about them, mind you some of what you're able to do is based on your ability as well.

Any thoughts on the above? Can you potentially help me with my dilemna?

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