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RE:Spring Run Update

Thank You Juro for the clarifications. I think the fact that people (me included) were be cautious about what to call a Clave, when and where, bodes well for the group. Until last year I didn't know jack squat about Claves. So I for one was just trying to show due credit and respect for the Clave Masters. I'm glad we were being considerate.
Secondly, it's evan better that your leaving it wide open to interpretation. Man we can make up anything we want. That's as free as the web! Cool.

As for "The Spring Run Mini-Clave" we will be rounding up more info over the next few weeks. Until then, lets wait for that first fishing report. Who will give it? Any bets? I doubt I could tell the difference between a holdover schoolie and a sea lice ridden one.

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