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Teflon has it right with St. Croix. I'd also like to recommend Redington's line of inexpensive rods. Last year I needed a good small stream outfit to really work our Swift River in Central Ma. Cash was a little tight so I settled on a Redington Cross Water, 71/2 ft. The rod was far less than a $100 and I matched it with a Cortland double taper 3wt. IT HAS BEEN PERFECT for chasing those educated trout on that river and I've had a ball with it. It's also held up well on larger rivers too. I already had a good, small Okuma reel for the outfit. All told this outfit cost far less than $200. I catch a lot of fish under fresh/salt conditions and my motto is to try to keep the price tag under that of a car payment. I also think that the quality/casting properties of most graphite rods do not justify the inflated price that the manufacturer is asking. My feeling is that after hours on a stream/coast and after hundreds of casts do we really know the difference between a rod that costs $600 or on that costs far less?

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