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RE:Spring Run Update - Clave Classifications

With respect to recent comments concerning categorization / clarification of the word "CLAVE" I would make the following comments:

First of all, who cares. Those who are jazzed with the prospect of being involved in a CLAVE do not bother to worry about official rules, titles or regulations. I know I don't. But I do know what this is really all about and I'd be happy to oblige.

Having arranged somewhere in the order of a dozen fishing get-togethers of various intensities (CLAVES) on both coasts and some rivers in between... I would *PROPOSE* that for the sake of those who care about official titles and things:

Conclave - An angling event involving:

1) overnight arrangements and significant planning effort
2) relatively large number of participants depending on venue, typically enough so that multiple locations can be scouted and reported to potentially focus the entire group on the hottest zones before the conclusion of the gathering.
3) an event that bridges groups, organizations, regions, BULLETIN BOARDS, and all that superficial stuff!

Of course, fishing a steelhead river would be different than fishing Nauset Beach or Bahia Honda State Park, so the number of anglers would of course vary.

Objective is to have fun, make friends, catch fish. I think people's enthusiasm to use the word partially stems from the totally awesome memories and experiences of the past.

I'll never forget Stephen Van Slyke's face when he hooked his first 16 pound ocean coho salmon on a herring tube fly off the north coast of the Olympic peninsula, or the look of a visiting New Yorker when seeing a 38 inch steelhead in the trout-sized flows of the upper Kalama, or the sunset on Race Point on the Outer Limits, or anything about the Boneclave.

I find myself saying this a lot lately, but "what's in a word?"

Continuing on...

Mini-clave: Whatever you want it to be.

Get together: no need for a definition.

I, for one, don't really care about definitions but it might be helpful to know what degree of involvement an event is going to require by the naming convention.

By the level of enthusiasm we've seen, it's going to be a fun year!
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