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RE:Spring Run Update

> This is a unique time. Small crew. With the possibility of
> 3 houses, and some day trippers we could see a number > around 10 to 15. That's not really much smaller than some > claves.

Not to pat backs, until some of us (Al, Greg, the Esteys, etc) stoked the fire, that would be much bigger than the average clave. AND WE CAUGHT FISH

> It's not- too small to interest some of the bigger guns
> here, yet it's small enough to be easy to run. I do think
> it belongs to the FFForum though since it is launched
> from this springboard.

Like all claves it belongs to it's attendees.

> For now what I was planning on was:
> 1. Make a email mailing list for the 6 guys who crash
> at my cottage. This is for directions and odds and > ends, bring sheets, food etc.

I assume you already have those 6 people?

> 2. Have an open discussion here on where to meet up each > day with the rest of crew. This usually entails
> Parking lot X at first light. This will mean Sat.
> am and Sun. am


> The Cape is vast and we will be in the middle. We could
> go many places. There is plenty of knowledge to tap
> into on this board. We need to narrow it down to a few
> places and have some check in times to share info.

I liked the way that worked at Rhody!

> 3. Plan a dinner gathering sometime during the weekend.


> 4. Juro, can we or should we move this traffic to some
> quieter section of the board?

If it doesn't bother you, it doesn't bother me. I do think we should put it under SWFF / stripers though. Admin will take care of that.
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