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RE:Spring Run Update

Exactly Jay. This is a unique time. Small crew. With the possibility of 3 houses, and some day trippers we could see a number around 10 to 15. That's not really much smaller than some claves. It's not- too small to interest some of the bigger guns here, yet it's small enough to be easy to run. I do think it belongs to the FFForum though since it is launched from this springboard.

For now what I was planning on was:

1. Make a email mailing list for the 6 guys who crash at my cottage. This is for directions and odds and ends, bring sheets, food etc.

2. Have an open discussion here on where to meet up each day with the rest of crew. This usually entails Parking lot X at first light. This will mean and Sun. am
The Cape is vast and we will be in the middle. We could go many places. There is plenty of knowledge to tap into on this board. We need to narrow it down to a few places and have some check in times to share info.

3. Plan a dinner gathering sometime during the weekend.

4. Juro, can we or should we move this traffic to some quieter section of the board?


ps. Can't wait to cast my new 9 wt. rod, reel ,and line into the salt!
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