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Maybe we will run into some of you this year in strange but beautiful places to fish. We have a light fishing schedule until end of June but should get a few days in on Cape.

Then in July we will fish our way up to the Queen Charlotte Islands through the inside passage of BC.

In August, Salmon on the outside of Vancouver Island, Sea Runs and bottom fish.

September, will bring tuna off the west Coast about 200 mile off shore to San Francisco.

October, Stripers again but this time in the bay area.

Mexico for November, Sea of Cortez will be fished hard but will move to a little warmer water as the Sea of Cortez is not very warm that time of year. Centeral and South Mexico will complete the month and better chances for Roosters.

December and January will be interesting fishing the west coast of Guatemala, El Salvador and into Nicaragua. Really looking forward to both inshore and outside fishing in this strange part of the world.

February, it will be Costa Rica but I'll surf more than fish as by then my right arm will be sore.

Most of March it will be Bluewater for the first 26 days or so, plenty of Mahi, Tuna and maybe a Marlin or two. Hope to get some reef fishing in at end of month in the Marquesas for big Trevally but if not April will do.

May, if all goes well the isolated atolls of the Tuamotu's chain where Bone fish are in great numbers and rarely fished. All fifty atolls or so have flats for miles and miles.

In June I might fish some secret Mangrove places I remember on the back side of Tahitti I fished some 30 years ago.

July the Northern Cooks look very promising for Bones and Trevally on outside reefs.

August and September will see what is up with both Samoas, Tonga and Fiji. I guess fly fishing is good but so is surfing and cold mixed drinks.

My fishing will end for the year 2007 in New Zeland and will be looking to fish fresh water for trout again. It will be a much needed change from the constant sun glare of Bluewater, outside reefs and Bone Fish Flats.

If you had the will to read through this list of boring places to fish you did well I'm already tired and I have not cast a fly yet. If any of you have fished any of these destinations let me know It would be great to gather a little insider info.

Happy New Year

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