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Man ... I've skated Bombers on salmon rivers in three provinces and never moved a fish to this presentation. I fish them dead drift all of the time now.

It could be argued that I've just not been persistent enough with skaters. However, salmon fishing is a matter of faith and confidence and it's hard to persist when you feel that you are wasting both time and casts.

My basic tendencies are to fish wets whenever there is enough flow to work the fly, and use dead-drift dry flys in the relatively slow spots in pools. Not too revolutionary - I've become more 'traditional' over my years on salmon water.

We refer to all of the Lefrancois-style dries (deer hair body with a Wulff-style hackle) as 'Gaspe Bombers,' to contrast them with 'Miramichi Bombers' (the classic cigar shape with no concentration of hackle at the head). I love the look of the Gaspe Bombers, and they have become my favorite dry fly salmon patterns. I've got a mild spectrium of body and hackle colours on these flies, but the Lefrancois colour pattern has been very kind to me.

One more thing - I really don't like clipping deer hair bodies! Bits of hair all over the house. Anybody have any tying secrets for keeping the hair bits from flying all over the place?

As always, a very nice Charlie-job on the fly.

Jim Corrigan
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