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Spring Run Update

We need to round up the all the info so far for this gathering in the midcape. Please update or suggest improvements for any items.

<b><font size="3">*MODE:</b></font><!--3--> We have a sort of clave here where we possibly lodge everyone between a few properties in the midcape area. It dawned on me that given this CLave is not advertised on larger Web Boards (ie.RT), it will probably not grow too far beyond the current size. If it does grow more, we can then go to another level. There are a couple of good meeting places like the parking lot at W. Dennis Beach Jetty if we need. Personally I like the idea of exploring new ways to Clave in addition to the large highly organized type. Those are great too but who says we can't do a smaller Clave in a looser fashion?

<b><font size="3">*Date:</b></font><!--3--> I selected May 6,7 as the weekend. For 2 reasons, first the following weekend is Mothers day and secondly the one after that is my daughters dance recital, doohhh. We could go the weekend before, but I figure less chance of getting bigger fish. (??)

<b><font size="3">*Lodging:</b></font><!--3--> I offered to sleep 6 at my familys cottage and then Juro and Roop said they may have some space for 1 or 2 at other locales. Need to confirm that.
My guests signed up so far are: Juro, Sully (tentative),BobD, JohnM, Grego,and Jay C.
So in overflow are: Al D., and Roop. If Juro gets a place that opens a bed at my house.

<b><font size="3">*Location:</b></font><!--3--> Location of my cottage is on Bass River which is S. Dennis, midcape. There is a free boat ramp a short drive away and boats can be anchored in front of my place.

<b><font size="3">*Fishing:</b></font><!--3--> There will be schoolies right in our area up to 20". We can do the whole river, find some holes and rips. Mouth of river and jetty/beach is 15 mins. at no wake speed. It's also about 20 mins to Barnstable Harbor by car but maybe we should stay on the South side (anyone? ) We can go anywhere since we will be midcape. We can try some creek mouths (ahem..Juro)where there may be some herring runs. Anything within an hour drive or so get's the whole Cape. The canal is 27 mins away too.

It's a little over 2 months from now so things may change.
I will beat the drum. Please make suggestions.

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