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While thumbing through this archive, I stumbled upon this fly and read the story. I met Olivia Lefrancois several times on the river back in the 70s. He almost exclusively used drys on the Matane. He could cast and drift a dry a "country mile". Although he was one of the most successful fisherman on that river, his story was tragic, and he wound up commiting suicide. No one I know knows why.

In any event, this fly was also called a "Hairy Harry" and fished my most of us. It seemed much more effective than the traditional bomber. Another great dry fly fisherman of that era was a gentleman named Cole Wile. He fished this fly exclusively. Most of the time it was tyed with white calf tail wings and tail, a medium brown clipped deer hair body, and Rhode Island Red hackle palmered and collared. It was tyed on sizes #2 - #8 Wilson light wire hooks.

I ty them in all colors and combinations using all colors of dyed deer hair, hackle, and calf tail. Some I ty with bright coloured egg sacks. But the usual killer is the brown and white, and the all white. It seems like a secret that everyone knows.
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