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RE:What a way to rock in the season!

My best memory: (2nd being the Gregg Estey popper, or pope-er, event Juro described above)
After the event told above, Gregg and I went back to the cottage for intermission and lunch. Gradually many other Clavers wandered in and I got to meet John M (sorry we did'nt get to fish together), and Nate the fishing machine and Juro. Juro is a man who forgot his flies but brought his tying gear. So we decide to twist up some flies. I grab the folding card table I brought and set it up riverside in the back yard overlooking the bay. Al D. joins in and we have a little tying session. I tie what I need: Sparse Chartreuse Clousers, that's what the fish were hitting all morning.Juro ties some nice Rainbow Flash clousers.
Up to this point I have not caught a fish on one of my flies, I'm a new tyer this past winter. All morning I used one of my last few store bought flies.
We finish tying and find mostly everyones has gone back to the Bass River jetty to get into more action on the incoming tide.
I am going to take my 14' Alum boat back down to the mouth (the scenic route, through the many rips). Juro joins me. With new fly in our hands we set off down river and in no time encounter nice rips setting up on the incoming flow over skinny sand bars, channels, rocks, and holes. The sun made for awesome coloring of the shallows and depths, greens and blues. We saw a herring liveliner land an almost keeper from a nearby dock. This quickened our pace. When we would come to a nice rip we cut engine to silently drift though- running our clousers across the shelfs. If the spot was good we would start the motor, shoot back, and run it again. Juro commented that it was like fishing in Maine in the spring. Man I loved it. Soon we were picking up schoolies, fat, and bursting with energy. I pulled in my first one of the drift and was unhooking a nice 17" one when it dawned on me, hey, fist fish on one of MY FLIES!!!! I told Juro with a BIG GRIN, got a quick hand shake, then moved on. Later my Clouser slowed down and Juro gave me his only other Rainbow Clouser. Soon I was back into fish. (I've since purchased some of that rainbow stuff .
After that, more drifts and more fish just above the Rt. 28 bridge, then down to the mouth where the creek outflows produced some more fine action for the rest of the clavers. I'll cherish that drift trip as a lifelong memory. Sorry to sound so mushy, but what more could one ask? I was able to be a meister and not stand around with a clip board and cell phone the whole weekend, but rather was blessed with some of the finest memories I'll ever have. What a day.
Would love to hear others finest moments in detail.

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