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Trey Combs...

has a book that may be the bible on "Bluewater Fly Fishing." While I don't do a lot of that type of fishing, I picked up this book because that is the next level of flyfishfing for me. It is a great read on the types of fish/behavior, locations, tackle, rigging, flies, etc. Its also a great primer for types like me that have had a taste of this type of fishing, but have lots of questions.

Also, FWIW, Tom Gilmore's book, "Tuna On The Fly" is good, but mostly a "I did this" type of read. However, it has some good advice and info on the northeast tuna bite. Its apparent that he is hooked on the tuna fishery, and I'd sure recommend it to newbies, like me, to the sport.

Other good reads out there?
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