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What fishing trips are you planning next year?

So what significant trips are you planning next year? I've got two lined up already.

1. Grand Lake Stream, Maine May 31-June 3 - It's going to be me and two buddies that went two years ago, plus my father in law will be going for the first time. I can't wait, last time up there I got my first landlocked salmon (~19") and 3 river smallmouth in the 4 lb range on a 4 wt with 7X tippet.
I also landed an 18"+ chub that I thought was a brown when I spotted it due to the size. By far the largest I've ever gotten.

2. Housatonic River, CT October - After an awesome 2 day trip this past Oct where I landed my personal best trout (~21-22" brown), I've decided to make it an annual solo fall pilgrimage. I'll just sleep in the back of my car in a sleeping bag and fish for two entire days by myself. It really rested up my overworked brain cells and I caught a bunch of nice fish!

So what's on your calendars?
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