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New to forum and flyfishing newbie

Hi guys and gals,
I've been fishing for about 40 years now, but am very new to fly fishing. I tried it when I was a kid popping for bluegill and bass around farmponds. I haven't done it for years and my flyrod is long gone.

My son and I were out in Yellowstone last summer and thought we'd like to take up fly fishing. He's going to be 12.

I'm searching opinions on equipment, rods, reels, tips on getting started, etc.

We live in Kentucky and bass, crappie, bluegill are the major fish around here. Some of the streams have small mouth bass but most are largemouth.

I'd like to get something that would handle the bluegill and crappie and some of the bass (not trophy hunting here). We are dreaming of another trip out west in a couple years. Is there such a thing as a fly fishing setup that can double duty for the local fish and also be used to try our hand with Trout?

We're also about 5 or 6 hours from the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee and some trout streams in Eastern Kentucky and Western Virginia.

However, the vast majority of our fishing is going to be local for the bluegill etc.

Where can I buy the needed equipment? There is a big Bass Pro Shop about an hour from where I live. Would they have quality stuff? Are there on-line places that have good stuff.

I'd like to keep the initial investment in the $150 - $200 range for each of us (total 300-400 for both). Is that a realistic price point for getting decent equipment? I learned a long time ago with guitars and muzzle loading target firearms (my other two passions) that cheap equipment is a sure path to frustration.


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